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Join Best Western Rewards and collect points every time you stay. Use these points to redeem against great rewards, including free nights stays, M&S treats, an Amazon shopping spree and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The promotion offer is “Get Double Points (BWR points) for each stay between September 16, 2019 and November 17, 2019.” What is an eligible stay?
A. An “eligible stay” for the purpose of this Promotion is defined as any stay of one or more consecutive nights at the same Best Western branded hotel outside of the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, at a rate eligible for earning points or airline/partner rewards, with the exception of a stay booked through an online travel agency, a stay booked through a tour operator, or a stay booked at a special discounted rate (see BWR program rules for further information on eligibility criteria at Only one (1) check-in/check-out permitted per eligible stay. Qualified stays which take place during the Promotion Period, but which have a check-in date that overlaps the last day of the Promotion Period, will be counted towards the Promotion.
Q. How long does it take to receive the Double Points after I have completed my eligible stay(s)?
A. Best Western Rewards members who have qualified for the promotion will receive the Double Points (BWR points) approximately 7 days after they have completed the eligible stay.
Q. Do Best Western Rewards members need to be REGISTERED for this promotion to be eligible to earn the Double Points?
A. Yes. Best Western Rewards members must be REGISTERED for the promotion PRIOR to their first eligible stay applied to the promotion to qualify for the Double Points. Best Western Rewards® members can register for the promotion online at, by logging into their Best Western Rewards account profile and registering through their profile, or at the hotel front desk, where available.
Q. How many Double Points can a Best Western Rewards members earn during the promotion period?
A. Each Best Western Rewards member can earn unlimited Double Points during the promotion period. Promotion is subject to cancellation or change without notice.
Q. If a guest doesn’t receive their Double Points within 1 month from the completed stay, who should they contact?
A. Please contact Best Western Rewards® Customer Care at 0800 042 0338.
Q. Can all Best Western Rewards members participate?
A. Yes. All Best Western Rewards member can participate in the offer regardless of their home country. Stays must be completed at any Best Western branded hotels outside of the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands.
Q. Why doesn’t Best Western automatically register all existing Best Western Rewards members into the seasonal promotions?
A. Asking customers to register for promotions engages them into our Best Western Rewards program and to our brand and ensures that Best Western is in their consideration set. It also helps us measure the effectiveness of our promotions allowing us to continue to promote some of the richest offers in the market today. We want you to have a choice.

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